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242Chalkboard is an educational platform for BGCSE test preparation.  At 242Chalkboard we maximize the success of the Bahamian student by leveraging technology to prepare them to be game changes of tomorrow.  All of the platforms resources are available to all students to facilitate their preparation for their upcoming examinations.  Our solutions serve all Bahamian students from Grand Bahama to Inagua.
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242Chalkboard is the most comprehensive collection of BGCSE study resources on the web and in app offering practice modules and exams with step by step solutions to help you succeed on your exams!

Our extensive core and extended papers in a convenient easy to follow study guide format presents a comprehensive overview of the topics involved. Our database of past examinations is continually expanding, keeping you up-to-date on the testing.


Unlike schools, there are no time schedules when you can learn with access to mobile apps, and take advantage of leisure time.


There are no space constraints on mobile learning methods your devices are companions and 242Chalkboard can be there for you.


An app won’t fetch high marks for students at their class examinations but it can play a role in preparing a student for daily assignments at school.

242Chalkboard prides itself on being able to interact with you in your everyday life via our mobile app or dashboard — be it at your school library or the riding the bus downtown. 242Chalkboard is ahead of the game when it comes to taking your education to the next level. We are your tutor, but cheaper and at your fingertips.


Being out and about exposes sometimes can you stop you from studying but with 242Chalkboard you do not limit yourself to learning opportunities. You can turn excursions to the market, library and the mall into learning.

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242Chalkboard wanted to tap into and get more in touch with the you and your generation. Right after you’re done doing research on your favorite search engine, click over to 242Chalkboard the app that keeps up with the fast paced technological culture that you live in.

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Our aim is to have students across the Bahamas accessing the platform. Tell your friends, and let’s continue growing Bahamas, let’s continue educating.